Sunday, June 4, 2023


A few weeks ago, I did an exercise meant to help me get in touch with my core values. Right there, alongside "adventurous spirit" and "commitment to family and community" were lots of words about lifestyle: elegant, mannered, inspired, creative and ...gracious. Or, as my friends might say, Grace-ish.

A lot of us yearn for a world that respects dignity, values politeness, and behaves decently. Lately, we've seen less of that in our day to day lives. We may feel it's time for a change, an adventure, a new vista. Something fresh that renews our spirits, like white daisies in a field, or clothes dancing on a line.

We need a break, but we "put off" taking one, thinking of what we need to do, rather than what we're here to experience. Every time we choose to ignore that voice inside that tells us we need to make a change, we're missing the opportunity to fully live the meaningful life we're here to explore.

Just for today, notice the times that you push away the things you desire most in order to spend more time with the things that mean least. Then multiply that by the number of days, weeks, and years that lie ahead. 

Think you can wait that long to live your life?


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