Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Grace-ful Living In Georgia

Welcome to Grace-ful Living in Georgia. My name is Grace Carter, and I'm so grateful you've chosen to become part of my world.  

On these pages, I'll share my own adventures at home and afar. Recently relocating from Jacksonville, Florida, I'm starting out in a new career as a realtor in Athens, Georgia, where I purchased a sweet home with awesome neighbors.

I love it here.

Together, we'll share the joy of the journey - whether full of grace, or ungainliness. 
Grace-ful Living in Georgia

Meanwhile, this is me. 

In this photo, I'm indulging two of my favorite adventures: wine and travel. 

What have you done this week to reward yourself with a little "me" and infuse your home and life with meaning?

Respond below, I'd love to know.


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Beautiful People

Nadirah Shakoor and Grace Carter
When I was growing up, my parents always placed great importance of my association with others. As an adult, I understand that the company we keep has a lasting effect on our own personality. We pick up characteristics and mannerisms that shape us.  

I just love to be around people who are happy and laugh with abandon. 

Meeting American singer-songwriter Nadirah Shakoor reminded me that we all have music within us. She calls herself a Soul-Singer. It's a term that resonates. 

Who do we know that can dance like they don't care whose watching? Where are the optimists who have a positive outlook on the future?

Beautiful people; beautiful on the inside.  I want to generate positive energy like that.  I hope that I can be that someone for someone else.


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